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Are you disappointed by the number of visitors to your website?  Is your website listed prominently on the major search engines and directories?  Why do visitors to your website leave after a few seconds without viewing many pages?  WebLocate.biz provide answers to the above questions which will benefit your business and customers.  

WebLocate.biz is based in Epsom, Surrey, England.  We increase the value of web sites by raising the number of users and hits.  Get better value from your existing web site by using our promotional services.

Website Analysis and Search Engine Listings

Working with MetaTune, WebLocate.biz analyses the structure, content, presentation  and activity of company web pages and then proposes ways of improving the number of visitors and hits.  Rankings in major search engines are reviewed.

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Optimisation of Websites for More Hits

Working with MetaTune, WebLocate.biz makes changes to content, meta-tags and structure to make web sites more friendly for users and attractive and to search engines.  Changes can be made external to web sites to improve rankings in search engines.  Regular updates are important to achieve a prominent listing.
Search Engine Submission and Directories

Working with MetaTune, WebLocate.biz submits websites for listing in global, local and specialist search engines and directories.  Premium services like enhanced listings, "pay per click" and keywords can be provided when required.
Web Intelligence and Monitoring

WebLocate.biz tracks the search engine rankings of web sites against those of competitors.  We can monitors the Internet for specified names and subjects and produce weekly reports.  It pays to be aware of what is being said about your business and products.
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Special Offer

For a limited period,
meta-tags can be prepared and tuned for up to 10 pages and one website submitted to Google, Lycos, Alta Vista and other leading search engines for an all inclusive price of 60 plus VAT.   Submissions can be arranged to search engines like Ask Jeeves and MSN for an additional charge.