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Search engines use a combination of meta-tags and content to index web sites.  The text content is obvious, but the metatags are not visible through a web browser like Internet Explorer.  Note that text on images cannot be indexed, neither can most text generated by Flash and Shockwave software.

For a web site to be correctly and prominently indexed, the title, keywords and description should all be defined and be distinct for each page of the web site.  Meta tags should also be carefully chosen to give a true reflection of content of the web page, and they should also include the keywords that users could use to find the website.

Many websites have no meta-tags or poorly defined meta tags, and this results in poor indexing on search engines or the site being rejected for listing.  A health check by will reveal any major problems with a web site. check the meta-tags used by search engines to index your site. 
We summarise the performance and content of the home page.  We report on the major search engines and directories that list your site.  Some suggestions are made on how the ranking of the web site can be improved.

Please fill in the form below and we will send you a free health check for your web sites by E-Mail.  See how your web site shapes up!

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